Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alternate BSG

The final episode of Battlestar Galactica has aired. Although I did enjoy the series, I became a little disappointed in the direction it took, especially after the New Caprica era (Plan? What plan?). While creating debate with muddled plot and character motivations might have been part of marketing design, I don't think it really creates satisfactory story telling. And the revelation was one of the oldest cliches in science fiction.

If I had been steering the plot, here's where I think I would have taken the forgotten history: The Cylons were created by Earth humans to protect themselves from the Colonies in a brutal religious civil war between the monotheistic Earth and the polytheistic Twelve Colonies.

Earth lost the war and human life was exterminated there, but the Cylons survived and continued their war against the Colonies. The split among the Cylons is between those who believe their function is to exterminate the enemies of Earth and those who want to restore the human race, but convert it back to Earth's "One God".

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