Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moon Hoax Conspiracy

It should be fairly obvious that the special effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey were too advanced for 1967. Comparing the movie to other science fiction films of the era makes this very clear. It is also suspicious that Kubrick had all of the "Models" used in the movie destroyed after filming.

The movie was actually made on location in Earth orbit and on the Lunar surface. Rather than admit that Stanley Kubrick not only beat NASA to the Moon, but constructed a studio there, the C.I.A. forced him to claim that the space scenes were filmed at Shepperton Studios in England using "Special Effects". All of the real sets were deliberately buried in Tycho Crater.


Anonymous said...

What are you babbling about? Can I get some of that weed?

Jack Hagerty said...


That particular scene was inspired by Bob McCall's painting rather than the other way around.

- Jack