Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farthest Point in U.S. from any Ocean - Part 2

Previously, I speculated that the farthest point in the United States from any ocean (Including Hudson's Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, but excluding the Great Lakes), might be the Red Lobster in Sioux Falls, SD. Further research has provided a more accurate answer. It turns out that the Red Lobster in Rapid City, SD is farther away from any coastline:
I also found out that there is a geographic term for the place on a land mass that is farthest from the ocean: "The Continental Pole of Inaccessibility".

In North America, the continental pole of inaccessibility is in southwest South Dakota. Due to uncertainties in the definition of coastlines, there have been two spots documented (43°26′N 102°23′W - located 1024 miles from the nearest coastline) and (43.36°N 101.97°W.). Roughly between these two coordinates, is the town of Kyle, South Dakota:

Part - 3
I mentioned to my wife that someday we should go to Rapid City and eat at the Red Lobster just to say we did it... Her response:
"We have a coupon!"

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