Sunday, January 3, 2010

Viva Knievel!

I caught this 1970's gem a few years ago on a local Spanish station (which somehow made it even more entertaining). The film also stars Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton, Red Buttons, Leslie Nielsen, Cameron Mitchell, Frank Gifford and Dabney Coleman and was largely "Ghost Directed" by Irwin Allen.

From Wiki:

Daredevil motorcycle rider Evel Knievel stars as himself. The film opens with Knievel sneaking into an orphanage late at night to deliver presents: Evel Knievel action figures. One of the boys casts away his crutches, telling Knievel that if he could walk after his crashes, then he (the boy) can, too. Here is the amazing opening scene:

I don't think even El Santo could have pulled that off.

Later, drug lord Stanley Millard, (pre-Airplane Leslie Nielsen) plans to cause a fatal accident during a dangerous motorcycle jump in Mexico. He will then have Knievel's body transported back to America in an exact duplicate of the tour trailer, but one that has a massive supply of drugs hidden in the walls. Everything about this movie is just jaw-dropping.

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Dutch said...

Knievel and Red Buttons in the same movie? It's like a poor man's De Niro-Pacino.