Monday, February 22, 2010

What would we call the "Death Star"?

"Death Star" is honest, but I just can't see the United States deploying planet killers with a simple name like that. In the tradition of the MX Missile, maybe we would call it the Nice Station, or Peace Planetoid. Or name them after former government leaders (Cheney Class Planet Pacifiers?). How about MOARG (Mother Of All Ray Guns)?

This weapons platform is classic U.S. design. It costs an estimated $15.6 Septillion, is full of shock and awe, but can be destroyed by a single tactical fighter or tramp freighter. Plus, even when it fails they build another one.


Ben said...

The second death star was larger and cooler looking than the original!

Anonymous said...

We'd call it the AT&T (or maybe Excel or FedEx) Patriot Fully Mobilizable Galactic Planetary Terrorist Nullification Peacemaker Security Ensuring Hummer XII